8 Ridiculous Expensive Things That Stephen Curry Owns


Stephen Curry is a basketball star who plays for Golden State Warriors and he is always on the highlights from time to time. He started getting his fame when he was playing for Davidson and he has grown to be one of the best basketball player and in the process, he has managed to make himself a big name and of course a lot of money. Currently, it is estimated that Stephen Curry has a net worth of over 90 million dollars. Steven Curry is not one of those guys who enjoy having their money in the bank. He is actually the exact opposite of that, he is the guy who knows how to have fun with his cash.

Stephen Curry is among the top basketball players like Kevin Durant and LeBron James and that’s why he managed to get an annual salary of 34.7 million dollars. With such huge amounts of money, you might even be confused about what to do with it but Stephen Curry has never been shy of spending his money. He uses the money to buy super expensive stuff like clothes, apartments, and cars, etc. that obviously make a lot of people jealous. Below is a list of some of the ridiculous expensive things that Stephen Curry own.


8. A 6.3 million living property.

Stephen curry

Like many celebrities and rich people, Stephen Curry has different apartments but this one is special. The property has 5 bedrooms, and 10 bathrooms and can you imagine that the property covered 10290 square foot. With such an area you can only imagine how many basket courts that Stephen Curry could have made.